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Textile designer,
illustrator and artist in Melbourne

Hey, I’m Georgie! I’m a textile designer, illustrator and artist in Melbourne. I create vibrant botanical textiles for homewares and one-of-a-kind illustrations for local brands. I sell original paintings, limited edition prints and cards too. Are you moved by the intricate shapes and vibrant colours of nature? Plants never fail to evoke awe, don’t you think? There’s always more to discover. Perhaps this is why brands continue to draw inspiration from trees, plants and leaves? These images are joyful reminders of the wonder of nature. I’m forever inspired by the natural world, and rare plants captivate me. Bright oranges contrasted with earthy terracotta tones always brighten my mood. I reproduce these wonderful shapes and make them my own. I balance broad strokes with finer details to create immersive utopias with bursts of colour. I’ve illustrated for cereal brands, created textiles for homewares and painted artworks that bring bold style into Australian homes. Want to create your own plantscape for your homewares brand, product or home? I’m your honorary member of the #plantgang!